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Key Person Insurance

Taking steps to protect your business from potential losses if a key member of the team falls ill, or regrettably passes away, is something you can put in place today. Key Person Insurance for specific illness and death covers company owners, senior management, and other key staff members in the unfortunate event you are forced to deal with such issues

Co-Director/ Partnership Insurance

Co-Director/Partnership Insurance can help secure the successful succession of your business in the unfortunate event of a senior partner, or company director, being struck down with a specific illness or passing away.

This policy can help avoid the stressful situation where, due to these already difficult circumstances, a business partner, a spouse or a child may find themselves in a position of holding company shares with little desire of ever becoming involved in the running of the business.

Designed to ensure your business has funds available to buy back shares and, in conjunction with some legal agreements, Co-Director/Partnership Insurance policies ensure the company and the deceased’s family can separate their wealth and interests from each other for the benefit of all involved.

Arrange a call today to see how this can help remove the stress from an already difficult situation.


Occupational Pensions

For Proprietary Directors

There is a significant range of benefits for Proprietary Directors to be enjoyed from Executive Pensions, including withdrawing money from your business in a highly tax efficient manner.

Other gains include company contributions being fully deductible from a corporation tax standpoint, which are not viewed as a BIK from your standpoint, and are free from PRSI, USC and the marginal tax rate.

Build employee loyalty and boost staff retention by helping them effectively plan for their retirement in a tax efficient manner with an occupational pension scheme. You can also add benefits including Death in service, Income Protection and Specified Illness Protection.

To learn more about these and other benefits arrange a call today.

Self-employed Life & Pensions

Personal Pensions are an excellent way for the self-employed to reduce income tax bills, save for retirement and enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned labour.

Predicting income from one year to the next can be a challenge if you are self-employed, but we can help take the guesswork out of how much to contribute and how to reduce your tax bill effectively, as, fortunately, you can make a pension contribution and backdate it to the previous accounting year before you submit your tax return.

To find out more how we help you plan for a long, comfortable retirement, arrange a meeting with us today:

Income Protection

Protecting yourself, your business and family in the event you are unable to work due to illness or injury is a key concern for many.

Being self-employed can leave you exposed to potential financial loss if these unfortunate circumstances affect you, but we can help put a policy in place that will secure you an income, after a deferred period as described in your policy document, in the event you are unable to work and have medical evidence to support this.

Acting now to put Income Protection cover in place will give you the peace of mind for the future that a health crisis does not have to be a financial one as well.

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