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The dream of a long, comfortable and financially stress-free retirement is one everyone aspires to.

This well-earned reward can give you the free time to do things you love, along with the security to make the most of life – if you begin planning for the future now.

With our careful, expert, financial planning, a pension can be the most effective way to make this dream a reality. A pension fund is designed to accumulate and generate a generous income after your working days have wound down.

Unlike other forms of investments, a pension is subject to tax relief at the marginal rate of tax. So, for example, if you pay higher rate income tax at 40% and invest €1000 in a pension – it reduces your take home pay by only €600!

An extra benefit, beyond other investment types, is that any gain your pension fund makes is also tax free.

And as you head into this rewarding time of life, on retirement you can take a portion of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum – the perfect start to a wonderful retirement.

If you are self-employed, or a company director, pensions become even more valuable as they offer a great way to take money out of your business in a tax efficient manner. The time to act to make this dream your future reality is today and when that time comes:

You will have worked for it – You will have earned it – You will deserve it.


Your financial welfare is paramount to us and assessing the right level of risk for each client is something we take seriously. 

At J. Moore Financial we look at taking the right risks, at the right time, for the right reason. Sometimes this can mean taking risk off the table too.

Our expertise will guide you in negotiating these risks and matching you with the right insurance contracts through our agency agreements with the top providers in the Irish Life Insurance market.

Working for you, and working with you, it is always a collaborative effort but ultimately you always remain in control. We will guide and inform you at every stage, but the final choices will always be yours.


Specified Illness and Income Protection

Your earning potential is one of your greatest assets in life. But, as we all know, illness or sudden injury can impact greatly on anyone’s ability to work.

However, you can take steps today that will help to protect you, and your family, if such unfortunate circumstances were to strike.

An income protection contract can pay you an income (after a deferred period and medical evidence) if you become unable to work for health reasons.

A specified Illness contract can pay you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of the illnesses specified in your contract.

To safeguard your future the right protection can ensure that a health crisis does not become a financial one.

Life Insurance

Life insurance contracts can be very helpful in your estate planning to reduce your inheritance tax liability, particularly if you have built up a substantial estate that you wish to pass on to your loved ones.

If you are self-employed or a company director, there are specific insurance contracts designed to protect your business – such as key person insurance, Partnership and Co-Director insurance.

By facing the reality we all must face and acting now to begin the right policy, you can put them first, when such an unfortunate event occurs.

The peace of mind quality Life Insurance can bring you, knowing that your family and future generation will be cared for after your time, is immeasurable.

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Savings and Investment


Building secure savings can help put you in control of all your future financial commitments – everything from the necessary to the luxury.

Be it the essentials like your children’s college education, home improvements or a new car. Maybe it is that dream trip of a lifetime, a place in the sun or a fund to help you take the plunge into starting your own business – our advice and savings plans can help you get there.

Working with you to determine the right level of risk, products and flexibility, we can guide on the best investment funds to put you on a better path to successful saving – starting today!


If you have acquired a financial windfall, inheritance or successfully built up your savings we can work with you to find opportunities to grow this wealth in a way that fits your financial circumstances.

We specialise in identifying suitable investment opportunities that match your risk appetite in a time frame that works for you.

Bringing a decade of in-depth statistical experience, coupled with the latest cutting edge financial software, J. Moore Financial can pinpoint suitable investment funds in every risk class to make your money work for you.

Arrange a call with us today to find out what investment opportunities suit you best.

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